dg hyparchive is the central solution
for all archiving requirements
in the company


As an Avaloq customer, you benefit from the Certified Avaloq adapter for hyparchive developed by pmc, which provides a tamper-proof archiving and DMS solution for all documents of the Avaloq Banking System, as well as its third-party systems.

For the finnova Banking Framework, pmc has developed a DMS interface for dg hyparchive that can be used to efficiently archive and manage finnova and peripheral systems.

pmc’s Holdmail module enables you to print your customers’ banking documents on demand. The possibilities of EVE (receipt and destruction statement) are very diverse and will fulfil your requirements.

pmc’s module for periodic mailing allows you to print periodic mail items manually or using an agent. In addition to the extensive selection options, you can, at the same time, print a shipping label.

dg analyze offers the complete quantification and qualification of your data, reproducible reports and forecasts for the optimal usage of resources as well as reliable monitoring for your professional data and resource management.
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The data volume of companies is rapidly growing. However, the greatest challenge is not the growth in volumes, but in the abilty to classify the data according to their importance, confidentiality etc. The automated classification with dg classification supplies the key element to success.
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With dg file you can migrate your data and information - according to the value of this information for your company - to the optimal storage location.This can be a Secondary Storage, a Cloud Storage or a Compliance-proof archive.
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With dg hyparchive you can harmonize and centralize all your archiving systems on one single platform .This is how you can realize your Unified Archiving strategy in a future-way and create a reliable foundation for Compliance, e-Discovery and Information Security.
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With dg mail you can archive your e-mail communication according to Compliance regulations, increase the efficiency of your e-mail users significantly and  reduced the costs for your infrastructure considerably.
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dg erp combines your ERP system with dg hyparchive's powerful Unified Archiving Backbone and thus enables the archiving of files and documents from ERP environments like SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, OpaccERP and many more.
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The transparent archiving with dg office archive for SharePoint releases your SharePoint infrastructure, ensures Compliance regulations and reduces cost risks generated by uncontrolled volume growth.
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With dg connect you can connect any software package to your company-wide archive.