We optimize your business
processes for you!


There are no limits to possible applications.

Practical applications include:

  • Tamper-proof control processes for Internal Control Systems
  • Incoming mail processing
  • Invoice processing
  • Application processing (e.g. credit, leasing)
  • Contract management
  • Help desk applications
  • Procurement management
  • HR processes (e.g. hiring, qualification)
  • Licensing and approval processes
  • Quality management
  • Sales optimization
  • Delivery notice processing
  • Event management

Example: Invoice processing (accounts payable workflow) in detail:

Starting point

Very few business processes have as much potential for optimization and savings as the recording and processing of incoming invoices. Companies enter and post data manually, which is a cumbersome, time-consuming and often error-prone process. Typically, several employees are tasked with recording, reviewing and approving invoices. If an employee is absent, invoices simply remain unprocessed. This already usually happens in the specialist departments. And, in decentralized organizations, it often takes days or weeks until processes have been recorded and posted in the administrative office. By that time, the deadline for discounts for early payment has often passed. Another shortcoming is the lack of transparency in the entire processing workflow.

The solution

The BPM suite for automated invoice processing helps you streamline and automate the entire process from automated document capture, paperless distribution and processing to posting of relevant invoice data and release for payment. All processes are centrally initiated, controlled and monitored so you stay updated on each individual process in real time. No more manual data entry.

All required features are included - from scanning to presentation of data in ERP and workflow systems.

Relevant data such as invoice recipient, invoice date, invoice number, vendor, net amounts, sales tax amounts, gross amounts, delivery costs and complete position tables are automatically extracted and checked for consistency, completeness and accuracy.